Lance Haas


LANCE HAAS   We are super excited to bring Lance on board our Mentor/Master Coach team.   Lance Haas, is a basketball mind guru.  He was the Willamette Varsity girls coach for over 10 years who co-coached them to 3 state championships.  He had a variety of teams he won with.  From teams who had a true post, to teams who were guard heavy & outsized, to teams who were quick and teams who lacked depth.  No matter the teams strengths & weakness, he found a way to set them up for success.  His teams functioned like a machine on both the defensive and offensive sides of the game.  They knew what to do and how to do it.  He is known for his detail oriented systems of play, teaching progressions in practice and exposing opponents’ weaknesses.  Willamette’s state championships began at practice; many of them lead and planned by Lance.