Coaching Development

TRBO is committed to assisting our coaches to be better at their trade.

Players sign up to play TRBO so they can be better prepared to play high school basketball… thus we require all our coaches to be seeking to better themselves so they can coach at a high school level.  TRBO coaches are required to run their teams & practices in preparation of high school.

We have teamed up with “Coach to Coach Basketball Support” to offer training and tools to fulfill these goals.

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All TRBO Coaches will need to meet the minimum Bronze level requirement to coach in TRBO.


Step 1:  Complete the online Bronze Course through “Coach to Coach Basketball Support”.

Step 2:  Commit and agree to be at a minimum a Bronze level coach.

Step 3:  A mentor coach will visit practices throughout the season to see that each coach is consistently employing strategies of that level.

Step 4:  The Area youth director, mentor coach and coaching trainer will recommend & approve the coach at the level they are seeking.

Step 5:  The coach will receive a certificate of achievement along with the following for the level in which they have achieved.

Bronze    = TRBO T-Shirt & Coaching Board

Silver      = TRBO Hoodie & $25 gift card

Gold        = TRBO Ball Bag & $50 gift Card


For more info and to begin the program click on the level below.

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