OAB registration

Step 1:    Complete the registration form ONLINE.  Click Logo at bottom of page

TRBO Pays for…

  •     FALL & SPRING = 4 dates of play in Fall & Spring ( 2 games each day for 8 games)
  •     6th-8th WINTER = 7 tournaments of play in Winter (Saturday = 2 games Sunday = 2 games.  Total = 28 games)
  • 4th – 5th WINTER = either 3 tournaments or 6 tournaments

Step 2:   Notify parents and AYD of playing dates


Step 3:   Want more games than TRBO allocates to each team for the season?  Register for more on the link and OAB will invoice the coach for the remaining balance.



If you have a parent of a player making the request feel free to direct them to the OAB website (with your blessing =).  There is a $15 fee and it can be split between the families making the request. If the request is for a spring sport and to ensure you have 8 players…. please make sure to indicate that as it could be refunded- if the request is reasonable.

Step 5:   Communicate with Nick Larsen at OAB about any tournaments and/or games.

info@oabbasketball.com   or   541-517-4160

*He sometimes is able to make suggestions about competition available, etc.

Step 6:   The Wednesday prior to the tournament, OAB will send you an email with your game times for the weekend.  You can also see them on their website or phone app.

Changes CAN NOT be made once the schedule is out.

If you have time requests or concerns about the scheduling, these must be communicated by the Monday PRIOR to the tournament.

(If the time requests are an additional cost, TRBO will not cover this price.)

This is why it is important to enforce the Conflict Form Expectation policy with parents.

TRBO ONLY coaches Register here!


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