Newsletter #7: Feb 6

TRBO Coaches-

Great weekend.  Lots of basketball and lots of good competitive games! Remember to send me your updates or have a parent do it.

Thanks for all you do!

We have the TRBO Roadshow coming up on Feb 15th in 2 weeks.  Are you interested in helping out with it?  Email Tami Brown.

We need about 10 coaches who can help with this.  We will make it worth your time!

In Hoops,
Michelle Larsen
Youth Program Coordinator


Online Registration: $5

At the Door:  $10

12:30-1:30     Willamette HS

2:30-3:30     Sheldon HS

4:30-5:30      South Eugene HS

6:30-7:30    Thurston HS

Who Is Playing This Weekend February 6th
If you are not on the list below but want to play or are on the list and DO NOT want to play… contact Michelle ASAP!

5th TRBO – Annie Kelly
8th Willamette – Robyn Willoughby

5th Thurston – Will Scott
7th Sheldon – Sky Stickney
7th Sheldon – Levi Brown
6th South Eugene Purple – Solomon & Brain & Mark
6th South Eugene White – Solomon & Brain & Mark
7th Sheldon – Jason Gallic
7th Willamette – David Gwynn
7th South Eugene – Bill Cavinee
6th/7th Thurston – Ross Bradley
8th Sheldon – Guy Brancato
8th South Eugene – Solomon Harris

4th/5th Sheldon – Andy Wirfs
5th Willamette – Shannon Thatcher
7th Thurston – Brad Miller
8th Sheldon – Gene Heliker
8th South Eugene – Solomon Harris
8th Axemen – Solomon Harris
8th Thurston – Michael Akins

Coaching Profiles

We want to highlight our coaches.
We want the community to see what you have done
& continue to do to better yourselves as people & coaches.

How are we doing this?
We have made coaching profile pages and would like to thoroughly complete your page.
Check our your page here:

See examples of Roger Kuhl  &   Michelle Larsen

Email Michelle the following:
1)  Coaching & Basketball Experiences:


2)  Educational & Training Completed:  (clinics, mentors worked with, etc.)


3)  Favorite Coaching books, video & resources:


4) Other:


School Area Newsletter

What I need from you by each Monday to be included in the Newsletter:

1) Picture of your team
2) How your team did over the weekend or in practices… not just wins and losses but growth & improvement needs to be praised.  If you want to give “props” to a player as well… maybe think about those who don’t necessarily score all the points.
3)  What is coming up for your team?  When is there next game/tourney?
4) Anything else you can think of… share it.

email them to:  or text to:  541-729-9232

*This information will go out to the whole high school area program!


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