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Coaches Newsletter #4
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TRBO Coaches-

I am pleased to introduce a few people in our community who are here to support and provide feedback if you desire it.   These are mentor & master coaches in our community.  (We are always looking for more… so feel free to suggest people or tell them to contact me =)   We all will be stopping by practices in the next few weeks to just check in and offer ourselves as support.  We can simply observe or you can enlist our help when it comes to drills, giving suggestions or if there is something in particular you desire feedback on.  If you have any desires from us, let me know… and I will get you in contact with the mentor.
1)  Gene Heliker – Is great at the big picture and breaking it down to applicable drills.  He continually makes everything that happens on the court relatable to life!  This guy teaches more than the game… he is teaching successful kids!  He is also great at teaching details of the game, breaking them down to a level where players can master them and ensuring kids learn the correct habits.  Gene has experiences too long to list =)  Basically from working with the Pros to youth.
2) Eric Gower –  Eric has a mind for the game.  When it comes to x’s & o’s he can set up a system that works for your players.   He can set you up with individual defense drills and schemes and the details. As well as offensive skill drills.   He can offer a variety of drills and knowledge about almost all systems.   He also has an aggressive match up zone… for all those coaches who insist on running a 2-3 zone… he can give you pointers in how to turn it from a “lazy zone” that is giving your players short term benefits to one that teaches man to man principles and will benefit your kids in the long run.  Eric has head varsity coaching experience at an array of schools, and comes from a line of coaches… as both his parents were high school coaches as well.
3)  Mark Holmes –  Wealth of experience as a college coach, high school coach, and youth coach.  He has coached all ages and genders.  Mark sets clear expectations and is great at skill development & how to make it applicable to your systems.  He can give you drills & set up a practice that correlates to game situations and your goals.  Mark has a great pick and roll offensive progression and other screening drills.  As well as an active match up zone.
4)  Roger Kuhl –  Is great at make everything a coach does and says relevant to the players.  He can communicate well with parents.  So if you have a sticky situation or a difficult parent(s) he is great at helping navigate that.  Roger is a great example of being a character coach as well as basketball coach. He is USA Basketball certified and has coached youth teams at all levels for over 15 years and spent the past couple seasons being a high school fall & spring coach.  Has experience with running the Read & React Offense
5)  Craig Lannom –  Was the Junction City High School Girls Basketball Coach for 25 years.  He is a fundamentally sound coach, who can teach the game to players.  He can make a break down a complex concept of the game into something simple for players to grasp.  Enjoys passing along life lessons through the vehicle of sports.  Excellent at game preparation.  He is an overall great person and great coach who you will enjoy having hang around your practices.
6)   Mark Gerber –  North Eugene out of season girls basketball coach.  LONG time youth basketball coach in our community.  (more on him later)

7)   ME =)  Michelle Larsen –  I am into organization, efficiency and effectiveness as a coach.  These appear in having clear expectations, fluid practices and drills that get the most benefit for your players.  I have a knack for setting a tone & environment where players can excel & coaches can maximize their team’s potential. I enjoy the mind & strategy of the game…planning for an opponent & seeing a team execute the game plan. I can take the big picture (outcome coach desires) and break it down to small steps (the process to get that outcome).  Experience with Read & React offense.

Enjoy having these people stop by your practice.  They are passionate about basketball, coaching and supporting volunteer youth coaches like yourselves in our community.  Ask questions, invite them and utilize them.  If you have something in particular you need, please email or text me .

In Hoops,
Michelle Larsen
Youth Program Coordinator

Congrats to Bill Cavinee & Katie Buerk

Both Bill & Katie completed the Level 1* for “Efficient & Effective practices”.  Congrats and thank you for seeking opportunities to better yourselves as coaches!  Your improvement is showing in your teams’ improvements!

Seek to make yourself a better coach and we will either pay for it or throw you free gear for doing it!
Go here to see what we offer:

Feel free to also pursue other certifications and email Roger or Michelle about TRBO paying for you to get better at coaching.  Some are even FREE:

Postive Coaching Alliance:

Coaching Profiles

We want to highlight our coaches.
We want the community to see what you have done
& continue to do to better yourselves as people & coaches.

How are we doing this?
We have made coaching profile pages and would like to thoroughly complete your page.
Check our your page here:

See examples of Roger Kuhl  &   Michelle Larsen

Email Michelle the following:
1)  Coaching & Basketball Experiences:


2)  Educational & Training Completed:  (clinics, mentors worked with, etc.)


3)  Favorite Coaching books, video & resources:


4) Other:


Who Is Playing This Weekend  January 23 & 24 in Corvallis
If you are not on the list below but want to play or are on the list and DO NOT want to play… contact Michelle ASAP!

5th Girls – Willamette AD Smith
6th Girls – Thurston – Kauffman
7th Girls – Sheldon – Gallic
7th Girls – Willamette – Pickering
7th Girls – Thurston – Fillipe
8th Girls – Sheldon – Brancato
8th Girls – Sheldon – Wirfs
8th Girls – North Eugene – Curran

4th Boys – Sheldon – Brian Miller
5th Boys – Willamette – Thatcher
6th Boys – Sheldon – Brian Saunders
6th Boys – Willamette – Will Bracy (1 team)
7th Boys – Willamette – Jason Burke
7th Boys – Thurston – Brad Miller

Call Matt Stern for tickets

Talk to Matt Stern about reserving a block of tickets so your team can sit together at the game.

We will be doing something similar for the Duck Women’s game on January 29th!  Stay tuned.

School Area Newsletter

What I need from you by each Monday to be included in the Newsletter:

1) Picture of your team
2) How your team did over the weekend or in practices… not just wins and losses but growth & improvement needs to be praised.  If you want to give “props” to a player as well… maybe think about those who don’t necessarily score all the points.
3)  What is coming up for your team?  When is there next game/tourney?
4) Anything else you can think of… share it.

email them to:  or text to:  541-729-9232

*This information will go out to the whole high school area program!

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