Mentorship Program

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TRBO Coaching Mentor Program


We match up youth coaches with a master coach to mentor and support them through out the winter season.


We have many master coaches in our area who have experiences and ideas/suggestions to pass along to the next generation of coaches.


Are you interested in being a mentor coach?

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Click above to register to be a Mentor Coach
We need you to help raise up and improve youth basketball by improving youth coaching.



The Details
1. Have coaches who are retired or have experience in coaching who can mentor TRBO youth coaches
2. Each Mentor Coach is assigned 1-5 youth coaches (you choose based on your time availability)
3. The Mentor Coach is available to the youth coach for ideas, suggestions, etc
4. The mentor coach is supported by Area Youth Director/Liaison & high school coach
6. They check in with a coach every week either by phone, text or in-person.
7. They drop-in on a practice or game once every couple weeks.
8. They give constant feed back, ideas and suggestions.
9. They may help, assist or step in to run a practice if the youth coach desires.
10. Keep a time log and mileage log. (phone app)
11. Expectation of 1 hour of work a week per coach for 15 weeks.
12.They evaluate their youth coaches during the season & at end of season.  Focus is on growth and improving in the trade.
          1. Are they improving at teaching the fundamentals?
          2. Are their practices becoming more effective & efficient?
          3. If coaching grades 6-8, are they progressively implementing more of the high school systems and culture?
          4. Are they growing in their ability to “teach” the game?  (Explain skills, demonstrate skill, do & correct skill within a drill, compete with the skill or play a game with it)
          5.Are they making the game fun & enjoyable?
          6.Are they being a 3-dimensional coach? (Fundamental, Mental, Heart)


Elise Cheney oversees our Mentorship Program.  You can contact her if you are interested in mentoring youth coaches or have additional questions. 

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